• Latest press release

    27 July 2017

    Gaming startup Quizdom acquired by friends4media Group

    The gaming startup Quizdom has been acquired by the German-based friends4media Group. Quizdom

    is the largest game app in Greece with more than 2 million users and the TV-show “Quizdom The

    Show”. It was founded in 2014. Since then, its flaghship app has been installed on more than half of the

    country’s smartphones. In 2017, Quizdom also added Germany and UK to its reach. The European

    gaming company friends4media is based in Germany and will position Quizdom as a core brand inside

    the group.


    Managing Director Thomas Koller comments: “We have worked with Quizdom in the past and are

    excited to move closer together. We are currently working on several Quizdom spin off's and preparing

    launches in Europe, Asia and South America. We are looking forward to have Quizdom as a core brand

    in our worldwide expansion and are eager to provide superb gaming experiences to players around the



    Quizdom’s founder Dr. Triantafyllos Xylouris adds: “This is great news for our customers and both of

    our companies. With friends4media’s help, we will be able to provide new and exciting games to our

    current players and scale those world-wide. Finally, this is a confirmation of the amazing Quizdom

    team, which now gets a strong partner to leverage their skills and current success.”


    Recently, Quizdom won the Startupper award for the best mature Greek startup and the Hellenic

    Entrepreneurship Award for Quizdom Education. The latter project is a separate entity inside Quizdom,

    and aims to revolutionize the way students prepare for exams. This project has attracted tremendous

    interest in Greece and Asian countries, where competition at university-entry exams is extremely high.


    Quizdom and Quizdom Education will be lead in Greece by Managing Director Christos Tsounis.

    Founder Triantafyllos Xylouris will move to the board of friends4media and help the group at its

    international expansion. As many new hires will be necessary, Quizdom strongly encourages interested

    candidates to be on the lookout for upcoming job openings.